Get 5% of your monthly telephone and broadband charges paying off your nominated student loan with Radicall!

Radicall is working with Feejoathrough a solution to help where it really matters; a doable, ethical and practical way to help reduce the actual sum of a student loan without plundering savings or going further into debt.

Radicall are offering premium quality service and speed of broadband for your home at competitive prices, and with 5% of the monthly service fees before GST contributing to reducing your nominated student loan. You get a great price on internet and other telephony while your loan debt gets paid off quicker. 

Get your telephone and broadband charges working for you now, click www.radicall.co.nz/services/student-loan-repayment-plan/

> 5% of Monthly Service Fees before GST go towards repaying your Student Loan!

Note: Feejoa takes a 15% service fee off any $ rewards paid by Radicall