Barfoot and Thompson

You’re going to love paying our commission!

Look, we get it… We understand home owners sometimes have reservations about the size of a real estate agent’s commission. But we think handing over that money is far more tolerable when you know a good chunk of it is going to help pay off your kid’s student loan! Matt O’Brien and Cris Casares are the first real estate agents in New Zealand who pay part of their commission towards a student loan of your choice.

If you have kids at varsity, 0.1% of the purchase price goes straight back onto their student loan. That’s $1,000 on every million – and it doesn’t come out of your pocket, it comes straight out of our commission.  And if you don’t have a kid with a student loan, you can choose to put it towards your neighbour’s kids, your nieces and nephews…anybody. We know the Auckland housing market is tough for the next generation, so if we can do a little to alleviate their debt, that’s our way of giving back to the community that supports us.


> Matt O’Brien and Cris Casares will contribute 0.1% of the purchase price of your home towards lowering your nominated Student Loan.



Note: Feejoa takes a 15% service fee off any $ rewards paid by Barfoot and Thompson