How Feejoa helps you

If you have a student loan or know someone who has... here's how Feejoa can help pay it off – painlessly:

Working with the IRD, Feejoa has created a solution to help where it really matters; a doable, ethical and practical solution to help reduce the actual sum of a student loan without plundering savings or going further into debt.


In fact it's virtually cost free.


Because it aggregates and dollarises the cumulative value of rewards on existing spending at merchants with the Feejoa loyalty programme, it's new money!

Rather than buyer rewards like food processors, household gadgets or discount deals, you get real dollars paid directly off your student loan. And get to see those payments in real time.

Feejoa brings together social media and crowdfunding to give a student debt repayment plan real scale and momentum.


(Person Receiving)

A PAL - aka a Person Alleviating a Loan (the loan holder) can help pay off their NZ student loan by dollarising rewards for purchases they make at Feejoa participating merchants.

As a PAL you can also crowdfund contributions towards paying off your student loan by recruiting Benefactors.


(Person Contributing)

A Benefactor is typically a close friend or family member who has an emotional stake in your future and wants to help but would be reluctant to or cannot afford to contribute actual cash towards paying off your student loan debt.

You can sign up as many Benefactors as you like - they'll get an email invitation from you.

A Benefactor can split their contributions among up to 10 PALs and can opt out at any time.

Your Tribe

The more Benefactors the better because their collective dollarised rewards (in addition to yours) are going directly towards paying off your NZ student loan.

Whether you're living in NZ or off-shore they're your local Tribe and can be helping you repay your loan faster. Your circle of close friends and family who believe in you.

Treat them with love, respect and positive encouragement.

Feejoa aggregates all reward dollars and pays them directly into the nominated NZ student loan account on the 20th of each month (less a 15% service fee).

Every time a payment is made both PAL and Benefactor will be notified by email.

PALs and Benefactors can check their reward dollar contributions and PAL's can also check their account total all contributions 24/7 on computers, tabs and smart phones.

PALs and Benefactors can op-out at any time. All contributions will automatically cease (or can be redirected by either party) in the event of the nominated student loan account being paid off.